A spay or neuter surgery includes:

A pre-surgical exam: To be sure your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia and the spay or neuter procedure and that her/his vaccines are up to date.

Pre-anesthetic blood testing: To check internal organ function and red and white blood cell counts prior to putting your pet under anesthesia.

IV catheter and fluids: To keep your pet hydrated and maintain blood pressure during surgery.

Surgical procedure:

  • Includes preparing the patient for surgery
  • Shave of the surgical area
  • Suturing of the incision
  • Warm air circulating blanket to maintain the body temperature under anesthesia
  • Pain medication and antibiotics as needed
  • Phone call postoperatively

Surgical monitoring: To monitor your pet’s heart, blood pressure, level of oxygen in the blood and body temperature during surgery.

Pain management: Pre-surgical pain medication and pain-relief medications to take home to keep your pet comfortable as needed.

Day Hospitalization: Hospitalization for the day to ensure a restful recovery.

Post-surgical monitoring: Comforting post-surgical environment and continuous care by a recovery technician.

Discharge consultation: Customized discharge instructions for your pet’s at-home recovery.

Continued support: Follow-up call after surgery within three days.

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